If you are working in a large office block or in any warehouse any type of pest can cause distress to staff and can damage and contaminate your building, products and goods, as well as your reputation.

Corporations tend to have large buildings such as blocks of offices and apartments, business centres, warehouses or retail parks or stores. They may be sub-let or rented out to other companies or individuals. iCo Pest Control has many years’ of experience in facilities management pest control. We have been providing a high-quality pest control service to businesses of all sizes, from small warehouses to large city office blocks.

We also provide pest control services to specialist sites such as the North London Waste Authority recycling and transfer depots. To make sure you get the right service we work together with your facilities teams to develop a tailored comprehensive pest control contract suited to your premises needs.

Our Services:

  • We already provide pest control treatments to a range of businesses with Islington/London
  • All our staff are qualified, experienced pest control officers working within Islington Council
  • All our staff are members of PROMPT which means that they are continually being trained in up to date pest control methods
  • All our staff are Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checked
  • We have knowledgeable call staff to take your bookings and to offer advice
  • We work alongside our colleagues in Environmental Health and commercial waste
  • We provide written reports that are left on your site for Health and Safety
  • A direct number and named contact at iCO pest control to look after your contract


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